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Brief 13

4 Febr 1896   Dear Sister and Brother-in-Law   The times are very bad, worse than when I was a shephard taking care of the goats in Wagithal fur den Schalitoneli. The boys are educated and they can earn more money with a pen in their hand than being a shephard.   Steinauer, one of […]

Brief 12

11 Dec 1893   I will end the century of 2000 by writing a few more lines. The Kaiser of Berlin feels the Americans will do as they did during the Spanish War. Where Nazi says he would have made six countries out of it. Till I inform you, leave the money in the bank […]

Brief 11

The mother is healthy and her hearing is very good when she has no beer or wine to drink. Potatoes, bread, and meat are enough for her and she won’t get too skinny and she is satisfied. The happy hours she had with Cousin Melk were just too short and the time went too fast. […]

Brief 10

I don’t know yet, how Ignaz will be pleased here. But I think that he should be happy here because there is no restaurant. There is no comparison to where he came from, no pub and no Ash Wednesday. We don’t know if he is happy or lonesome. He helps the boys to take care […]

Brief 9

(Wages/Traveling Money how he can get it) For those that want to go to the tavern every day, it is not good. In Pawnee County, which is not as big as Kanton Schwyz, there are no eating places where you can buy a drink, and it has to be closed on Sundays. (You know how […]

Brief 8

Last year in Nebraska was very, very good. Everything grew in abundance. The corn, where the farmer makes the most money, grew extra well. Of course, that drove the price down, because it was so good, to only $3.00. And it won’t be any more expensive in the next year but we just have to […]

Brief 4

Sister Ann is good. of her.   She is getting better every day. It would be better if some new comer could take care   Ignaz

Brief 4

    The conditions in America are slowly getting better especially should our harvest be very good. Uncle Nazi is much better and he is very good. Everything is good with Nazi. His boys are growing up fast and we hope to make farmers out of them. Nazi bought a farm for his boys and […]

Brief 3

My boys in the springtime, were sowing grain in a very large piece of land so now we have much more grain to reap in the summertime to put in our silo. And the corn that we planted is very good.

Brief 2

No one ever lived as a land owner with changeable circumstances in his life. Come to America, they never even had 5 franks to their name, no knowledge from the youth. They never learned anything or learned anything to it either. They don’t know what a Fingerzeig is where they want to go. That was […]

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