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I’m back

I’m not sure if any of you noticed but its been a bit quiet on the family tree front lately.. After the giant effort to get the entire tree updated and ready for the reunion i took a bit of a break from the family tree work for a while.. (oh yea, and we moved and a bunch of other things were going on).. Unfortunately that meant that I fell behind in updates and account approvals.. But i’m back now and hoping to get caught up.

I believe i’ve approved all the accounts i was able to so if you requested one and didn’t get an email from me please let me know and i’ll hook you up.. There were a few that didn’t give family information with the request so i sent email asking for that info.

I also have a handful of tree updates pending. I’m working through that now and those should go live shortly but if you think i’ve missed something or have more updates feel free to send them my way.

I think thats it for now – more once i’ve dug out of my email hole! Hope everyone is well!


Whewww… Done

Ok.. So we’ve FINALLY gotten the ENTIRE notebook that Sue miles entered translated into the genealogy package we’re using to track everything.. That does NOT mean that there aren’t a TON of mistakes in what was in there – after all, this was a tree entered by humans created from a document created by a human. That said – it should be REALLY close..

So.. now what? Next things on my list is to fact check and sanity check all the data that we’ve entered to make sure its as close to fact as we know. this means double checking everything we’ve typed to avoid typos as well as cross checking the info with sources like ancestry and others to make sure we didn’t miss anything..

BUT – we could use some help.. there are a few things in particular we’d love to get feedback on:

  • Proof Read: Please check your family and make sure the data we have is correct. Most of this is second or third hand data so there are bound to be mistakes.
  • Add Facts: If you have any interesting information about folks please send it our way – this makes the tree MUCH more interesting. In particular, things like this are SUPER useful
    • Birth
    • Death
    • Graduation
    • Burial
    • Ordination
    • Residences
    • Other
  • Add contact info: We’d love to get contact info for anyone we might have. This includes the following:
    • eMail Address
    • Phone
    • Home Address
    • Facebook Page
    • Other
  • PICTURES: The tree is MUCH more interesting with pictures of individuals.

If you have any updates to this stuff please use the update form to add it or the ‘contact’ page to reach me directly. If you have pictures email me using the contact form and i’ll let you know where to send / upload them..

Thanks in advance

We’re Almost there

I’ve posted the latest update to the family tree… We’ve got almost the entire family tree document entered into the family tree software. The only document left to enter is ‘M – IV. John – Theresa.doc’ and then everything should be ready to go…

Once everything has been posted there are a few things that I would like to do:

  • Do further research into the people who aren’t captured by Sue’s original family tree. This will include research that was done in as well as family information we’ve found such as the ‘tree’ image.
  • Collect other information from the rest of the family. In particular i’d love to get the following
    • Images of people and families
    • Contact Information
    • Corrections to existing records
    • Additional information
  • Find some way to more effectively summarize the family tree for offline viewing

I”m very open to suggestions of other things people would like to see or changes they’d like to make..

More soon


New Update Posted

I’ve pushed another version of the family tree live to the private site. This version has more progress against entering the Sue Miles version of the tree into my genealogy package as well as a few updates and typo fixes.

In case you’re curious, these are the sections of the document that are fully captured by the online tree

A - Joseph Anton.doc
B - Josefa Catharina - Joseph Kalin.doc
C - Melchior Albert.doc
D -  Nicholas Dominick - Maryann.doc
E - I.  Nicholas G. & Mary.doc
f - ii.  lena - frank.doc
Family Tree Update Form.doc
G - III. Ida - John.doc
I - I. Joseph - Catherine.doc
J. - I. Margaret - Gottlieb.doc
l - v. marcelina - michael.doc
Q -VIII. Mary - John.docx
R - IX. Nicholas - Anna.doc
S - X. Emma-Henry.doc
T - Frank-Nell Section.doc
U - XII. William - Margaret.doc
V - XIII. Myra - Truman.doc

and these are the ones that are still in progress

h. -meinrada - joseph kalin.doc
K - II. Josephine - Ignatz.doc (I'm working on this one now)
M - IV. John - Theresa.doc

My goal is to have them all converted by the reunion…

Will post more updates as i have them. As always, feel free to use the update form or mail me with any changes you may have…


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