How do I learn about the website and the family tree.

We’ve created to videos to help you with just that.. You can watch them here (The first is on the website and the second is on the family tree):

How do i get access to the family tree?

The family tree is only available to members of the Steinauer Family (i.e. you exist in the family tree). If you are you may request an account using the ‘Request Access’ page under the ‘Family Tree’ menu.

When requesting access be sure to include information about where you exist in the tree. This includes your name, your date of birth, and the names of your parents / grandparents who may be in the tree.

I’ve submitted an access request – now what?

Accounts are manually approved so you won’t immediately get access. However I get notified immediately and, provided I can verify your identity, I should be able to approve it quickly. Once approved you’ll be notified via email.

I’ve found a mistake or someone who is missing – how do i get it fixed?

On every person page in the family tree there is a ‘Suggest’ tab that will allow you to submit suggestions for additions / changes / modifications to the tree. Information submitted via the ‘suggest’ tab will get reviewed and then changed in the tree (might take a bit of time but i’ll get the change made). You can also use the update form to submit larger groups of updates. If you need the password for the update form drop me a line using the contact form

How do I add / change a picture for someone in the tree?

Use the ‘Submit Photo / Doc’ link on that person’s page to upload a file that you’d like to use along with information about that media.

How do i hide information in the tree from everyone?

If you have information you would like us to collect in the tree for historical reasons but you’d like it hidden from those browsing use the ‘suggest’ tab on the person’s page to notify us of information you’d like hidden.. We can hide selected facts or entire people from view, even to those logged in.

Can I Include people that aren’t direct Descendants of the Steinauer Brothers?

Yes – My goal here is to be as comprehensive as possible and provide a tool for people to understand their whole family. This will also allow us to ‘connect’ our tree more easily to others should we want to at a later time.

The family tree software also has a ‘branch’ feature that will allow us to keep track of people who are direct descendants of a person and i have set up a ‘branch’ for Johann Joseph which will allow us to capture information about just the descendants of the Brothers’ family while still allowing us to capture more information